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Dancer Deals

Cornwall Dance Classes vary in price, please check the Prices List below to get a general overview of prices per student, per session. You can opt to pay per session or weekly, for weekly payments you can take advantage of receiving a certain number of classes for fantastic prices. Or you can opt to pay termly upfront. 
Here at Cornwall Dance we strive to provide affordable classes for our performing arts students!


KIDS KLUB Streetdance Classes ~ £5 per session*
KIDS KLUB Contemporary/Freestyle Classes ~ £5 per session
JUNIOR & SENIOR Hiphop Classes ~ £5 per session*
JUNIOR & SENIOR TRIX and Breakdance Classes ~ £5 per session*
IDTA Streetdance Junior & Senior Classes ~ £5 per session
IDTA Freestyle/Contemporary Kids, Junior, Intermediate, Advanced & Advanced 1 Classes ~ £5 per session*
Performance Company Class ~ £5 per session
IDTA Musical Theatre Kids, Junior & Senior Classes ~ £5 per session
STOMP Tap Class ~ £5 per session
Primary, GRADE 2, GRADE 3, GRADE 4 & Intermediate Ballet Classes ~ £5 per session 
Bouncing Baby Dance Classes £5 per session
Beginners Streetdance or Contemporary Classes ~ £5 per session


For students attending more than one class we have great weekly deals (to be paid either weekly or termly) -

5 classes per week - £23 per student per week

7 classes per week - £30 per student per week

10 classes per week - £40 per student per week 

*CREW REHEARSAL CLASSES are classed as two lessons, within these deals. (ALL Crew members must attend one lesson other than their Crew rehearsal each week)

HELPER SCHEME - We do have scheme's available to senior students who wish to help with younger students classes. Please enquire about this by speaking to your teacher in lessons.