WONDERLAND Hall for Cornwall Summer Show!

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Our School production 'Wonderland' took place in June 2015 at the Hall for Cornwall and was a complete success!! 

Students of all ages performed dance and drama choreographed by Lisa McNally, Adele Green and Georgia Cotterill. Telling the story of Alice and her trip to Wonderland, how she learned that she needed to be herself despite what other people had told her. 

The running story was full of colour and fun and the students had an absolutle blast with the fantastically elaborate costume and makeup, psychodelic colours and UV themes. The story came through to the audience who loved the evening and we had fantastic feedback from all of our parents and students friends and family who were in the audience for the show. 

The parents and chaperones helping out basckstage were very impressed with the good behanviour of all of our students and commented on how the students made a huge effort to all be there for one another, during quick changes and any speedy makeup changes or if any lines needed to be practiced they all chipped in and helped. 

A huge thanks to all who helped backstage, Kat Gibbon, Maria Drohan, Haidee Cornfield, Darren McNally and all of the chaperones. Pippa Goodwin did a fantastic job of the scenery and to all of our fanastic teachers who helped to make this show happen! 

I cannot wait for the next one, these kids rise to the challenge each year, performing like professional companies at our shows, many of them having to hold a main role and perform in routines throughout the entire performance. They kids are superstars and just get better and better each term! 

Well done to all of our students involved and a huge shout out to our star Kia Wing, I couldn't have picked a better Alice!! 

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