SINGING TUITION & Private bookings


KERRY HACKWORTH works with our children on a Friday evening in our MUSICAL THEATRE LESSONS, and is also constantly busy with PRIVATE SINGING LESSONS. All of our students can take Theory & Practical Singing Exams with the boards Kerry works with. 

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Hi! I’m Kerry, and I am over the moon to be the new Singing Teacher with Cornwall Dance School and I cannot wait to get started with the sessions in September and meet you all. To let you know what I can cover with you, there are a variety of options. Some of you may want to just build on repertoire, technique and general Singing Techniques which we can do with no problem at all and some may be looking to take an exam at some stage to show what standard and ability they have achieved through their sessions and practice. With this option in mind, here are the choices you have.


LCM Musical Theatre exams - These exams cover Acting, Dance and Singing techniques with the main focus on Singing. It encourages the candidate to become the character of the song they are performing through costume, props and a general knowledge of the Musical the song has been taken from so that the song can be performed with the plot being considered as well. Depending on what Grade is agreed on will determine the number of songs and from what era each song has to come from. The exam is fun and informative, demonstrating a great way to enter the world of Musicals.


Rockschool - These exams are for the budding Pop/Rock/ Commercial Music Singers amongst you.  There are 2 routes you could take with Rockschool, firstly the Graded Exam where the Singer will also need to display their Technical and Theory knowledge of Music and the Art of Singing. The extent of knowledge depends on the Grade agreed upon. There is an option to take a Performance Certificate exam where there is no Theory or Technical requirement, just a performance of 5 songs to a particular standard, again dependant on the Grade, with more of an emphasis on Performance.


ABRSM - This is the more Classical route whereby again the candidate will be tested on Theory and Technical ability alongside Singing both Classical and Traditional songs. I would like to point out that I am not a Classical Singing Teacher but can guide the candidate through the process with less emphasis on Techniques in this style.  


Within the lessons I will cover Vocal and Physical Warm Ups at every session, Vocal Techniques and Repertoire. A little background knowledge about the workings of the Voice will help you understand what is needed to produce the best sound you possibly can in the best and correct way so as to protect and strengthen this beautiful Instrument.The main things I want to promote with the lessons are the fun that Singing can bring alongside the encouragement that I can give to sing to the best of your ability with the best support possible every time. 


If this is something that you want to do then please get in touch using any of my contact details to book a session. All you need to bring is some water (not too cold) and yourself and also please prepare a song of your choice which you feel demonstrates your voice and style the best so we can start to work on what you want to sing in the style you want to perform. 

BOOK NOW WITH KERRY - 07968095779