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Recently we asked our students and parents to give us some honest feedback about the classes and opportunities that we offer here at Cornwall Dance School. These were left completely open on our Social Media Page and we have had a fantastic response.


CDS are a fantastic dance school with a close knit family feel. The teachers are supportive and friendly and the whole ethos of CDS is celebrating dance - so everyone has a place, it is all inclusive and no one is left out - one of the things I love most about the school. The older students are also really supportive to the younger ones. One of my daughters started classes at CDS and now three of them attend, that says it all! Would highly recommend to anyone.


Lydia has been a student at CDS for about six years. She is as excited to go now as she was for her first lesson.

She loves every lessons and events she attends. I am very proud to see her and her fellow students perform and the way everyone supports each other. She is very proud to represent and be a member of CDS.

She works extremely hard to dance to the best of her ability due to how inspiring and nurturing the school and teachers are.


An absolute game changer for me. I used to be shy and was completely new to dance but in the 6 years I’ve been training with CDS, I’ve taken on lead roles in shows, won competition titles and have become a teacher! The opportunities and experiences that they offer are second to none and in the years I’ve been with them, I have become a completely different person. Absolutely amazing place... so accepting and nurturing.


My daughter keisha has been a student since she was 2yrs old n now she is 7yrs old keisha loves her dancing n musical threatre and it is thanks to all the amazing teachers. CDS is like a second family to us the opportunity and experience they have gave my daughter is amazing and she looks forward to going dance twice a week. Keisha's confidence has grown from year to year and I like how the older children look out for the younger children. CDS is a friendly loving place to be thank you to all the amazing teachers and students.


Alexander has been coming for 2 years and in that time has turned from a shy 4 year old who despite wanting to dance cried at the thought of lessons to one who can't wait to come every time. He looks forward to each show and the supportive atmosphere means he doesn't have any second thoughts about performing and his confidence has soared. It is an inclusive dance school who value every student, regardless of ability and that is very refreshing to see. Every teacher he has been taught by have been excellent and all share the same encouraging style which gets the best from the students. Thank you.


My daughter loves her contemporary dance lessons. She felt welcomed and included straight away. The teacher and the older pupils have been really supportive.

I also love the fact that there’s no huge costly expectation to the show and that the children have some input to what they do.


I love CDS! I’ve finally found a dance school where I feel confident, happy and feel like I fit in! The school is very organised and the studio is always clean and tidy. CDS is like a second home to me! If I’m not working I’m dancing and I’m so glad to have a space where I can be myself!


After having had a hard time with the coaches at a local gymnastics club my daughter decided she’d had enough...we discussed trying something new and I can honestly say she hasn’t looked back.

I cannot praise CDS enough for the supportive and encouraging environment they provide. Their enthusiasm is contagious and the children are always smiling and relaxed.

The opportunities they provide are fantastic and I love that everyone is included, a real family vibe...! I’m so happy to have my confident girl back...she wants to be part of everything the school has to offer and I think that is testimony to the great job they do.


This has got to be one of the best dance schools in the country to send your child to. Everything from ballet to street is taught and lots in between. The teachers make the lessons fun and enjoyable and are excellent role models. No one is ever left out and every child is made to feel welcome at the school. It is great to see the older members looking after the little ones and helping them when they are unsure. My foster daughter loves CDS and has attended for nearly 4 years during that time her confidence and self esteem has grown at an unbelievable rate. Well done Lisa you have a dance school to be very proud of.


Both of my daughters have attended CDS for a number of years and love their dance lessons. There have been fantastic opportunities for them to take part in and they are encouraged every step of the way. CDS has really helped them in terms of confidence, self-esteem and independence. Everyone is very friendly and inclusive which is a great ethos to promote. Thank you


My daughter has been dancing at CDS for three years now. She absolutely loves it. We feel so lucky to have found this amazing dance school. Her confidence has grown massively, not just because of the exceptional teaching but what stands CDS apart from other dance schools is the incredible nurturing they do as professionals, they promote self belief and a wonderful sense of team spirit across all age ranges. Their dedication supporting dancers as they travel for competitions, evening performances and creative festivals is exceptional and for me, this illustrates that they do this primarily for the love of what they do, inspiring young people to succeed.


My son and daughter have been coming to ballet and Street dance for the past year. My son particularly has gone from a shy 4 year old to an outgoing and confident 5 year old with the help of CDS. They both love coming to their classes on Saturdays, as do I and this is down to their real sense of a family unit. It’s so nice to have found a dance school where everyone feels included and is encouraged to do well. I would recommend to anyone. Thanks CDS!

CHRIS ALEXANDER (Stage Manager at the Hall For Cornwall) ~

"It is always a pleasure to have Cornwall Dance and Drama at the Hall - Their shows are always imaginative and the cast are well disciplined and highly talented. We get alot of Dance School productions through our doors but few are as well organised or as much fun to work on!"


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