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We are proud to announce that we are now an official Learning Destination for The Children's University - a fantastic award scheme for under 14year olds designed to encourage out of school learning. If you are interested in become a part of this great award scheme for kids, speak to your teacher in lesson and they will explain how you get involved.

At our Christmas Show - Captain Hook (December 15th at the Burrell Theatre) - Children's University Area Representative - Lisa Neville - will be available during the interval and after the show for Parents to ask questions and find out more info on how it all works, or even sign up to the scheme!

Learning Destinations are places and organisations to which children can 'travel' with their Passport To Learning. They provide high quality learning activities and experiences with a 'wow' factor and have passed the Children's University's own quality assurance process (Planning for Learning). The Learning Destination will then give you stamps for the number of hours the activity counts for - in your passport. The more activities you do, the more the hours add up!

The school co-ordinator will check you Passport To Learning and tell you when certificates will be handed out. For your bronze level certificate, you will need 30 hours, 65 hours for silver and 100 hours for gold. You will also have the chance to be presented with your certificate at a special graduation ceremony organised by your local Children's University.

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