Streetdance, Breakdance and HipHop

Kidz Klub Streetdance Classes ~ These classes are designed for 4-9yr olds. We warm up and usually start with exercises using different StreetDance style moves (Commercial Streetdance, HipHop and House), we then do a little routine combining the moves together! We usually hold a Dance competition at the end of the class, and then cool down and stretch for the end of the lesson.

TRIX and Breakdance Classes ~ Trix classes concentrate solely on Breakdance. We start with a warm up and then get practising tricks and stunts on our fantastic 6 square meter matting. We put the moves together in a routine and the students get a chance to freestyle. Strengthening exercises and stretches are used help students become stronger and capable of increasingly better moves.

Commercial/Hiphop/Streetdance Classes ~ These classes combine Commercial StreetDance Techniques, such as Hiphop, Locking, Popping and Lyrical, to create a class filled with fierce moves and fun. We start with a warm up, exercises are then created combining moves and routines are formed enhancing the students knowledge of the styles. Stretching and strengthening follow, along with a cool down.

NEW* Popping Class - Focusing solely on the techniques of Popping, this class takes you through the basics and helps you to create and innovate great new popping moves, alongside learning all of the styles taught currently and worldwide. The class also helps students with freestyling on the spot. 

A list of these classes is below or visit our TIMETABLE page for a list of classes, times and venues!

captain hook at cornwall dance school hiphop juniorhiphop juniors falmouth cornwall dance school rehearsal for snow queen falmidta streetdancers 2014 cornwall dance school performers at princess pavili

Every Tuesday at Princess Pavilions, Falmouth;

Kidz Klub Streetdance Class (for 4-8yrs) ~ 4.45PM - 5.30PM ~ £6 a class

Junior Hiphop/Streetdance Class (for 9yrs+) ~ 6.15PM - 7.15PM ~ £6 a class

Every Wednesday at LA Studios;

Junior Commercial/Streetdance Class (for 8-12yrs) ~ 4PM - 5PM ~ £6 a class

Intermediate Commercial/Streetdance Class (for 12yrs+) - 5-6PM - £6 a class

Senior Commercial/Streetdance Class (for 14yrs+) - 6-7PM - £6 a class

Every Saturday at LA Studios, Truro;

Kidz Klub Streetdance Class (for 4-8yrs) ~ 12PM - 12.45PM ~ £6 a class

JUNIOR TRIX and Breakdance Class (for 5-8yrs) ~ 12.45PM - 1.30PM ~ £6 a class

IDTA Streetdance Exam Class (Beginners, ages 10 - 12yrs)  ~ 1.30PM - 2.30PM ~ £6 a class

IDTA Streetdance Exam Class (Intermediate, ages 12yrs+)  ~ 2.30PM - 3.30PM ~ £6 a class

SENIOR TRIX and Breakdance Class (for 8yrs+) ~ 3.30PM - 4.30PM ~ £6 a class

Every Sunday at The Old Cattle Market, Helston;

Hiphop/Streetdance Class (for ages 10-15yrs) ~ 1.15PM - 2.15PM ~ £6 a class

Contemporary Class (for ages 10-15yrs) ~ 2.15 - 3.15PM ~ £6 a class


Classes follow local term times. Please check the Timetable for current term times, our Venue Locator for directions to classes and our Events page for upcoming diary dates!