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  1. Our awesome Street Crew Revive lit up the stage at Party in the Park on May 20th 2017!

    With around 1200 people in attendance they got the chance to perform alongside some great acts on the main stage! Including Little Mix Tribute Band, who they got to meet and hang out with backstage! 

    Well done girlies what a great day and a fab performance!!


  2. Wow wow WOW! I am so so proud of our fantastic Elite Team Seniors - you have wiped the board with awards at Starpower Manchester! 

    This prestigious competition is featured on Dance Moms - a show on Lifetime TV which focuses on the elite group starring Maddie Ziegler and run by Abbi Lee. Our dancers achieved the highest results in their age category and wiped the board with their awards, we not only represented Cornwall in Manchester, but this also showed the American Competition Company the high standards of our students here at Cornwall Dance School! 

    With our Group winning Overall Highest Score in our Category for 'Lost My Mind' - Contemporary piece - making them the Regional Champions! 

    Awards as follows - 
    Holly Goddard - 1st Place Contemporary Solo in 12-14yrs (5th Overall Highest score in Age category)
    Ciara Benny - 1st Place Acro Solo in 14yrs+ (2nd Overall Highest Score in Age Category) 
    Kia Wing - 1st Place Contemporary Solo 14yrs+ and our CHAMPION MISS STAR POWER! Overall Highest Scoring Solo! 
    Kia Wing and Sophie Powell - 1st Place Contemporary Duo (1st Overall Highest score in 14yrs+)
    Ciara Benny and Ione Wild - 1st Place Contemporary Duo (4th Overall Highest Score in 12-14yrs) 
    1st Place Group piece - LOST MY MIND
    Lisa McNally Choreographic Champion for 'Lost My Mind' Contemporary Group Piece. 

    Kia Wing was offered one of two scholarships given on the day for training in America! 
    We also won a group invite to New York to compete at an invite only championships!

    Oh my goodness.... what can I say!
    Proud doesn't cut it! 
    Well done to our beautiful and talented dancers, so so so pleased you got to represent Cornwall and show off just how incredibly talented you all are! 

    Winners at Starpower Manchester 2017 - Dance Competition